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New products and services 2021: Progress "made by Uponor"

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Presentation of Uponor innovations by Karsten Hoppe (President of Building Solutions - Europe) and Thomas Raadts (Vice President Marketing). Learn how we meet today‘s challenges with tomorrow‘s technology.

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Drinking water hygiene

Drinking water hygiene within water distributions systems:

  • Drinking water hygiene means safe tap water
  • Potable water is the most important element of life
  • Drinking water distribution system with decentralized hot water generation


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The Uponor BIM platform

Planning in a new dimension. Endless possibilities.

  • Single access to numerous services
  • BIM library with latest information
  • BIM tools for intelligent features
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Uponor reference project Omniturm

Uponor Referenzprojekt Omniturm

As one of the first high-rise buildings in Germany, the Omniturm combines work, living and public life in one building.

Uponor solutions for the Omniturm:

  • Pre-fabricated solutions for cooling, heating and hygienic hot water generation
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